The album that deals honestly with experience of mental health.

Dave (@SANTANDAVE) is hard. It can’t be denied. He can blend 3 flows into one track (e.g. ‘Psycho’), craft his lyrics to tell a story (e.g. ‘Lesley’) and can create a straight up banger (e.g. Thiago Silva ft. AJ Tracey). But the magic of ‘Psychodrama’ is that he is so honest about his experience of mental health. 

Not only does Dave narrate the album as though he is going through therapy/counselling, but his lyrics show the truth of his experience (and that of many other men). 

‘My teacher used to say I need counselling

Couldn’t stop asking me, “What do you feel?”

There’s so many old scars that they wanna reveal

We got off on the wrong foot ’cause I don’t want him to heal, nah’

– Psycho

Listen to ‘Psychodrama’ on Spotify:

So many of us have had someone notice there is something wrong, maybe they’ve even tried to help and support, but we just try to carry on and would rather keep suffering than have to admit that we need to focus on our mental health. Sometimes it’s something deep, sometimes it’s the every day BS that needs to be overcome…

‘Black is steppin’ in for your mother because your father’s gone

And standin’ by your children when you haven’t proven karma wrong

Black is doin’ all of the above then goin’ corner shoppin’

Tryna help a lady cross the road to have her walkin’ off’

– Black

Dave speaks the truth of a lot of men in London and relates the struggle. The good news? He also shows that even those moments of darkness don’t last forever. 

‘Made so many wrong decisions

‘Til I fell in love with optimism

We all love, it’s like the sweetest thing’

– Voices

So take some time for yourself today, plug in the PS and listen to the words. Feel the pain, allow yourself to understand the stress, and then let yourself see that good things can happen too. It’s okay to not be okay and it’s okay to have love for yourself and your progress too. 


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