Reggie Yates’ podcast is jokes- imagine you and your boys being recorded while you’re chilling playing FIFA and you sort of get the vibe. The Reggie Yates podcast is currently in it’s second year (on episode 61 at time of writing) and has had a whole host of special guests, ranging from Ashley Walters (Top Boy) to Mo Gilligan (Mo the Comedian) to DJ Charlsey (BBC 1Xtra).

Most of the episodes feature a conversation that touches on a subject that loads of men experience, as well as some humorous detours into dress sense, girls and music, but this episode is an amazing episode (ft. Locksmith) in which the boys all discuss their experiences with mental health- especially low mood and anxiety.

Reggie Yates Podcast, available through Apple Podcast, Spotify and the Reggie Yates Podcast website.

After listening you might feel reassured that you’re not the only one, you might be shocked into thinking that maybe you need to address how you’re feeling and you might even hear something that helps you with your own feelings.

I haven’t heard such a real conversation in a long time, so go check it out you won’t regret it!

The Reggie Yates Podcast: Episode 58 (14 Oct 2019)



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